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Tips to Fast Track the Processing of Your Case with a Divorce Attorney

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Settlement of court cases takes much more time than anyone anticipates. Be it a simple or a complex case, courts take up months and often years to reach a settlement and give their verdict. The same occurs in divorce cases. This leads people to seek help from a divorce attorney to speed up their case. Reasonable divorce attorneys like Denna Brown exist to help people speed up and eventually win their cases. But why would one need to fast-track their divorce case?

Why should a divorce case be fast-tracked?

There are several reasons behind the need to fast-track a divorce case. There might be issues like time constraints, business ownership transfer, child custody, moving houses, states, or even countries, which require a quick divorce. 

To tackle and avoid these hardships, people often seek help from a divorce attorney. However, you should know how to help your divorce attorney to speed up your case. Let us take a look below –

Tips to Fast Track Your Divorce case with a Divorce Attorney

  • Advance Preparation-Advance preparation is the key to speed up your divorce process. If your papers and documents are in order, your divorce attorney will have no problem filing and issuing them to court. This will help you secure court dates as early as possible. 
  • Keep Your Priority List in Check- You should be clear about what you want out of your divorce settlement. Questions on child custody, business ownership transfer, house title transfer, etc., take up half the time, delaying the final verdict. If you chalk out your list beforehand, it will help your lawyer save time on negotiation and hence save time.
  • Keep Updates on Latest Divorce Laws- While this is mainly your divorce attorney’s job, it would help immensely if you, too, are updated on the latest laws. This will save precious time as your lawyer does not have to sit you through a detailed explanation of the laws that will work in your favour. 
  • Open Communication with the Opponent Party- The fastest divorce cases are when both parties are in good contact with each other. This helps in easy negotiations between parties as well as their attorneys, saving time and energy. 
  • Decide on the Type of Divorce You Want – Two ways to get a quick divorce are either mediation or uncontested divorce. Mediation requires the third entity to negotiate and communicate on behalf of both parties. In uncontested divorces, both parties chalk out and agree on the significant issues on their own. If you decide on a particular method, it will help your divorce attorney to proceed with your case accordingly. 


While the tips as mentioned above and tricks will considerably speed up your process, there may still be chances of delay. This can occur due to multiple reasons like unavailability of court dates and disagreement with the opponent party. However, you should keep a clear head while dealing with your case and hope for the best. 


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