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Want a future as a DUI Lawyer? Here’s your blueprint to start.

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If you have always harbored a dream of becoming a DUI lawyer but felt confused about how to achieve your dreams, then you have come to the right place. Becoming a DUI lawyer is no piece of cake – but trying to become one without the correct information and guidance is next to impossible. Thus, we present to you a comprehensive summary of what it means to be a DUI lawyer, how to train to be one, and how to enter law school. 

First, let us understand what it means to be a DUI lawyer.

What does it mean to become a DUI lawyer? 

The primary role of every lawyer is to help people solve their legal problems and get justice in court. However, a DUI lawyer’s role is slightly different than a regular lawyer’s. 

While we do know that driving under the influence is a criminal offense, people often get booked under this charge. A DUI lawyer’s job is to help the defendant facing DUI charges. Their role dictates that they have to help their client understand the DUI charge laws, advise them on their options, file their legal documents, and negotiate on their behalf in the court. 

How do I Train to be a DUI Lawyer? 

The primary role of a DUI lawyer is to make sure that their client gets a fair judgment and a favorable and less harsh punishment for their crime. Given below are the ways how you can train to become a DUI lawyer-

  • First, you have to secure a bachelor’s degree. Your bachelor’s may be from any field.
  • You have to sit for the LSATs or Law School Admission Tests, get into a law school, and secure a law degree. 
  • Make sure to take up internships in well-known and reputed firms. This will enhance your experience and sharpen your skills. Many law schools make it mandatory to take up internships before graduation. 
  • Try to secure as many DUI cases as early as possible. This will help you widen your knowledge and experience in the field of your choice. 
  • After graduation, try to secure a job in a DUI firm like Weingart who have experienced DUI lawyers with whom you can train under. This will help you to work your way up to the very top and become reputed as a DUI lawyer. 

What is Required to Enter Law School?

To enter law school, you can be of any background. But first, you have to sit for the LSATs or the Law School Admission Tests. This test is used to determine whether you can study law in detail by measuring your analytical and management skills. 

Different law schools have different cutoff percentages in the LSAT. Only by securing the required cutoff percentage will you gain admission to your desired law school. 


If you harbor a dream of becoming a DUI lawyer, we assure you that the above guide will help you mark your way to your goal. With determination, focus, and hard work, we are sure you will successfully achieve your dream of becoming a DUI lawyer. 


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