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What Makes a Good DUI Lawyer?

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There is various DUI lawyer out there. The question is this–how do you know if you have the right lawyer who can give you a battling chance of winning your case. A good lawyer reduces his or her blunders while gaining on the mistakes of others. Let’s look at the mistakes your lawyer must avoid and the mistakes they can benefit from.

Mistakes Your Attorney Should Avoid

You may believe that all attorneys are pretty much the same. Think again. The same case examined by two different attorneys may have very different results. A skilled attorney will find loopholes in the prosecution’s case that an incompetent attorney may completely ignore. The best you can do is to get a lawyer specializing in drunk driving cases.

That being said, here are some sure hints you need a new lawyer:

If your lawyer quickly looks at your case and advises you to plead guilty, this may be the sign of a bad lawyer. An experienced dui attorney phoenix will go to the picture and make sure the circumstances were appropriate for a serenity test. The test must be conducted in a specific way, and many police officers serve the test inaccurately. Also, the device could be improperly calibrated or simply out of date. Your lawyer should be prepared to dig beneath than surface evidence.

Also, your attorney shouldn’t attempt and paint the police officer as a trickster. People don’t want to hear that someone as reliable as a policeman is misleading. It’s better to show that the officer made an honest mistake simply.

Your lawyer should know the outcomes of entering a guilty plea fully. You could lose your car, your license and be penalized or thrown in jail. Furthermore, a sentence goes on your permanent record for all to view, not considering it increases your insurance rates and limits your rights to travel abroad.

The criminal character of a DUI can be a little slier. Most offices ask on the application whether or not a person has been condemned of a crime; a DUI is, sadly for them, a crime. Many times owners understand a DUI. Even most police departments will allow an applicant with a DUI as long as a certain amount of time has passed. Like the insurance issue, the time sets this wound, and the person will be employable before long.

One way to alleviate some of these potential consequences, aside from not drinking and driving, is to hire a DUI attorney. A DUI lawyer is an excellent asset if you are accused of or charged with a DUI. They will speak to the police on your behalf in many cases, and if you are arrested and charged, they can negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to reduce the sentence. Any blunders by the police that your attorney can recognize may result in a dismissal of the charge.

Mistakes Your Attorney Should Capitalize From

In your case, the arresting police may have made various mistakes that your lawyer can use to bend a point in your favor. If an officer draws you over on suspicion of DUI, they must have a likely cause and be able to tell you what that cause is. If they perform the test where you must walk in a straight line, they must do so on a non-slippery, level surface where the line is noticeable. If they make you stand on one leg, you should be less than 65 years old and have no medical condition which would stop you from performing the test. Finally, you can not be arrested for an unreasonable amount of time. Any of these mistakes can result in a release or even a strong motion to quash the evidence hearing.

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